We are moving and so is our stuff!

Most Americans understand the issue of “stuff.” There is an overabundance of accumulation in our society. There are events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmases in which people amass more “stuff.”

For anyone that is familiar with the iconic comedian, George Carlin, they may be familiar with one of his comedic routines on “stuff.”  He makes a lot of really funny, but profound points on the “stuff” accumulation in our culture. This includes buying a larger home just to accommodate all the things that we accumulate. There is even a show called “Hoarders” that I have watched a couple times in my life where people have so much stuff, they need a specialist to come in to help them clean up and get rid of their things.

Ever since the “tiny house” movement has been getting bigger and more popular, the idea of living as a minimalist has grown in popularity, too. TBF and I started in a two bedroom condo, then moved to a three bedroom duplex. Then we moved to a four bedroom large suburban home. After a couple of months of cleaning the house, I thought to myself, “we don’t need a house this big.” We went bigger, because we were having a baby and thought that we needed that much space…but we decided we would rather have more experiences than stuff.

In early April of this year, we decided to put the house on the market and move to the city (the Windy City). We finally got a buyer. Thank goodness I started going through our stuff back in April, because I got rid of a lot then. Now that we have a buyer and we are packing up our stuff, I realize, we need even less than I thought we did. We are going to be moving to a two or three bedroom apartment in the city, so it feels awesome to just get rid of more. I am thankful that my brother ended up buying his first home about a month ago, so a lot of our things that I am getting rid of are family heirlooms that are finding a wonderful home at his place.

Over the years, we have tried to embrace the experiential gift-giving concepts. My side of the family enjoys gift-giving in a more experiential way. My husband’s family enjoys more of the tangible gift-giving concepts. We have embraced this by really trying to make the gift as thoughtful as possible.

Overall, I am feeling great about the headway I am making in the packing process. I love that I was able to sell some things online, give items to very particular people that we knew would make use of the items, or donate them. Decluttering is all the rage now-a-days. I am thinking of people want to declutter and are having a hard time going about it….just list your house for sale and move somewhere smaller. I am super excited about this upcoming move and the new experiences we will enjoy together as a family that suburban life has separated us from.

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