Staying at home is easy, right?

First I must say that after working full-time my entire adult life, I truly love staying at home. Now that the Honey Badger is over the two-year hump, some things have gotten easier, but others, not so much.

For starters, there is usually not a day that passes that I am not incredibly thankful that I get to stay at home with the Honey Badger. I love watching her grow up and experience new things with her. I have found that we must stay close to a rigorous schedule. One of my biggest pet peeves is when others don’t seem to understand this needed schedule.

I appreciate my husband to the moon and back that I am afforded the opportunity to stay at home with the Honey Badger. The truth is, he works harder and longer than anyone else I know personally, to include some nights coming home at 230 am off the train to finish a work report, shower, and turn around and take another morning train back in to the city.

I can imagine that most stay at home moms (SAHM) have a little more parental or family help than I do. My close family work all the time and therefore, we do not have a lot of help, or visits, for that matter, from too many people. But that is ok, because we never get bored!

We ended up joining the YMCA recently because of both of our need to get more human interaction. This served the Honey Badger well, as it has taken her almost a full month to be with other children and playing nicely, with the sobbing that mommy is leaving for 45 minutes.

If you were wondering how our household works. Here is a brief list of some of my responsibilities….

Who does the cleaning? the cooking? the oil changes, tire rotations, car maintenance? balances the finances and pays the bills? ensures that the child is fed, clothed, bathed, read to, diaper changed, interacted with, played with, and everything else that happens in the life of a toddler? ¬†goes to the grocery store? schedules the doctor’s, dentist, and eye doctor appointments for the entire family? does the gift giving, planning, family assistance, church involvement? Gardening? Basic home repairs and maintenance? I do.

I don’t mind it. I enjoy it all. Some days more than others, I may feel like I need a break, but I think that would be true for anyone who works around the clock doing what they love.

When you see me, don’t see a “stay at home mom.” See someone who loves what they do. Someone who reads, learns and at one point in life had a “regular” job. I am sure I could pick up and do an x-ray today, if given the chance. I think when you are a Clinical Instructor for years and years and you teach people “how” to take an x-ray (from chests to barium contrasts), you have this information embedded in your brain.

See me. See someone who is just like you…but with a different type of “job.”


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